Advanced Features of a State-of-the-Art Virtual Data Room

22 November, 2022

A Virtual Data Room Protects Confidential Documents

Today’s companies increasingly employ virtual data rooms (VDRs) to store and collaborate on confidential documents in order to increase business efficiencies and reduce risk. A good VDR protects confidential documents from competitors and from cybercriminals during critical collaborative projects such as due diligence in M&A, drug development in pharma, briefs in law, intellectual property in tech, contracts and confidential agreements in businesses of all kinds.

ShareVault has been a leading VDR provider for more than 15 years and is the platform of choice for multiple industry verticals. With ShareVault’s online platform, organizing and searching for files is easy, dramatically speeding the due diligence process. Additional features include customizable permissions that ensure only the right people have access to documents, and one-click reports for every point of access and use, an essential tool for internal and regulatory audits.

Here are some state-of-the-art features of a ShareVault virtual data room:

Hierarchical Tags

During the due diligence process, organization is paramount, especially when a project involves hundreds or thousands of documents. ShareVault simplifies the process with its Hierarchical Tags feature. Frequently, it’s important to place the same file in multiple locations in your hierarchical organization. With other solutions, you are required to either put placeholder documents in the appropriate locations that refer to the actual document, or make multiple copies of the file, and place the copies accordingly. In addition to the cost of the additional storage, you'll need to keep track of each of the copies of the same document. With ShareVault, just tag the same file with multiple tags, and the same file will be shown in each location. This clean and elegant approach provides the best of both folders and tags, and it's only available from ShareVault.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

ShareVault’s features extend beyond archived documents. ShareVault’s security controls track different kinds of user activity, from a user’s initial IP address to a record of every file opened, printed, and/or shared, whether the user is part of the internal team or a third party in a remote location. ShareVault’s user tracking feature provides the team leader with a precise record of activities, which improves accountability. ShareVault’s tracking is vitally important for projects that are subject to internal or regulatory audits: the team administrator can publish a record of any and all activity at any time with details on the user, time and date, and nature of the activity.

Activity Analytics

ShareVault Activity Analytics helps to improve team performance and productivity. The data room administrator can generate a report with detailed information on user activity - pages viewed, pages shared, time spent working with each document, or pages printed. The administrator can produce a report on a single user or for the entire project team. Scheduled reports help management gain insights on individuals and team performance and progress.

Find the Best Virtual Data Room Provider

Cybercrime and hacking are now a fact of life. Smart companies take measures to prevent confidential documents from falling into the wrong hands. A virtual data room secures your confidential files by providing maximum protection while making them easy to access and organize.

At ShareVault, we are committed to document security. We have an outstanding record of helping companies store, share, and collaborate on their most important confidential documents. Let the ShareVault pros develop a VDR and process management plan customized to your industry and company.