ShareVault 4.2.1 Release

24 December, 2019

ShareVault Release 4.2.1

On December 24th, 2018, ShareVault released version 4.2.1 with the following new features:

1. View As Another User

It can be very helpful to login and view ShareVault as an end user to check that you’ve configured your permissions and other settings correctly.  On the Users & Groups page, click the “View As” button, and then select the user that you would like to emulate.  Alternatively, right-click on a user and select “View As”.  The page will refresh and will display just as if you were logged-in as the selected user.  You can exit the “View As” mode by clicking the “X” at the left edge of the banner.

The View As feature is a valuable tool for checking and confirming the user experience prior to inviting your users to a new ShareVault.

2. Improved Long Pathname Support for Batch Downloads

The options for batch download have been updated to allow the user to enable or disable pathname shortening.  In previous versions of ShareVault, pathname shortening was applied to all batch downloads.  The pathname shortening feature is provided to prevent problems caused by the Microsoft Windows path length limitation of 260 characters.

Since the pathname shortening feature has undesired side effects because the folder names are truncated to reduce the length of the pathname, we have now made it optional.  This means that users of Mac and Linux computers, which do not have the maximum pathname limitation, will not be affected by these undesired side effects.  Also Windows 10 now supports unlimited path names as an option.  If you are having issues opening a batch downloaded file in a deeply nested folder structure on Windows, you will need to either enable the Windows 10 support for long pathnames or download the batch download again with the pathname shortening feature enabled.

3. Improved Support for Emailing from the Users & Groups Page

The existing “Email Users” feature in the Users & Groups page has been improved to add support for different email programs.  When using the “Email Users” feature, the user is now prompted to select the desired email delimiter used to separate the email addresses.  The default email delimiter is a comma, which is supported by all standard email programs with the exception of Microsoft Outlook.  The user can now select to use a semicolon delimiter instead, which is required for Microsoft Outlook.

4. Filenames in the Exported Excel Index Are Now Clickable

Clicking the Hyperlinked Filenames in the Exported Excel Index file will now open the corresponding file in ShareVault.

5. Print Activity Tracking

The Activity List Report has been enhanced to include the print activity.  Now, whenever a user prints a document from ShareVault Reader, the print activity is logged and tracked in the Activity List report.

6. New % Permissions Formula in the Users & Groups Page

The formula used for the % Permissions display in the Users & Groups page has been simplified.  The new formula for % Permissions is the number of tags that are permissioned to the group divided by the total number of tags.

For more information on any of the above features, please feel free to reach out to your ShareVault representative.