Announcing ShareVault Release 5.6

19 September, 2022

ShareVault pays close attention to our customers, assessing their needs, and striving to continuously improve the platform according to customer feedback. Today, we're happy to announce that on Sunday, September 18th, 2022, we released ShareVault Version 5.6.

The release includes a major enhancement to the Activity List Report, and to the Scheduled User Actions feature.

Enhanced Activity List Report

Even before this new release, ShareVault already had the most comprehensive end-user activity analytics features available - with the ability to track activities such as logins, confidentiality agreement clicks, documents downloaded, pages viewed, pages printed, documents saved, time spent viewing each document, timeline tracking for audio/video files. Each activity is timestamped and includes the user identity and IP address with geolocation.

Now we have turned the same attention to Admin-user tracking. Previously for Admin users we could track all of the above as well as common tasks like file uploads, downloads and name changes. But with this release we can now track over 70 types of user activities.

End user activity tracking has also been extended to include keyword searches, file filtering, index export and Q&A activity. While administrator activity tracking now includes everything from basic configuration changes such as adding users, groups, tags (folders), and changing permissions and security policies, to more advanced configuration changes such as watermark configuration changes, connector setup changes, etc.

Basically anything that a user can do in ShareVault is now logged. Each event includes detailed information pertinent to the corresponding activity. This provides an audit trail like no other, so highly-regulated companies can be ready for an audit at any time.

The activity list can be easily filtered and searched using powerful, yet easy to use tools, and the results are shown graphically on a timeline, as well as in a scrollable list. The activity list can be exported to Excel for further analysis.

For enterprise customers with advanced compliance needs, integration options allow the activity list to be continuously streamed to their Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system, so that ShareVault user activity can be tracked alongside other IT systems being used in the enterprise.

The enhanced activity list adds to ShareVault’s market-leadership in user activity analytics - providing by far the best insights into your users’ data room activities and interests.

Companies in highly-regulated industries such as financial services, life sciences, healthcare and legal services need to be ready for an audit at any time. ShareVault's enhanced Activity List report is comprehensive, so that in the event of an audit, there is complete traceability into exactly who did what, and when.

Watch Activity List features video
Watch Activity Summary features video

Scheduled User Invitations

In the previous version 5.5, released in May, we introduced Scheduled User Actions, which provide an easy way to automate workflows for locking and unlocking users at a predetermined date and time. The new release extends the capabilities to include scheduled user invitations. When inviting one or multiple users, an administrator can choose the date and time that the invitation will be sent, as well as the date and time that the user will be locked out. There is also a mechanism to send reminder emails to users who have not yet activated their user account.

Watch Scheduled User Actions features video

Audit-Ready Data Room

The new release 5.6 reinforces ShareVaults position as the most comprehensive, and most easily audited data room for companies in highly-regulated industries. Here is more information on our ISO 27001 certification, 21 CRF 11 compliance and other standards our platform is built for.