Announcing ShareVault 5.3 - Includes a new RESTful API

7 November, 2021

Today, we're happy to announce that on Sunday, November 6th, 2021, we released ShareVault Version 5.3.

The all new ShareVault RESTful API includes over 30 powerful APIs allowing for programmatic control of your ShareVault so you can deeply integrate with your business workflows. APIs for creating a new ShareVault, downloading and uploading files, as well as for creating and managing tags, users, groups, policies, watermarking configurations, entry pages. Support for registering webhook callback events allows for event-based triggers. Token-based API authentication assures security, and Swagger integration provides a standards-based, developer-friendly toolkit for rapid integration and test.

The update also includes several additional product enhancements that enhance functionality and usability:

Enhanced Activity Summary Report

The Activity Summary report has been enhanced with improved event count rollups and for improved drill-downs into the number of files viewed, printed and saved.

Improved Control of Handling of Unprotected File Types

You can now configure the default handling of file types not protected by ShareVault's rights management features.

Improved Visualization of Expired Policies

You can now see where expired policies were used prior to expiration, so that you can visualize the impact of extending an expired policy before you extend it.