Timeless insights on the six most important areas to focus on to achieve a successful exit:

EXIT with Confidence

Don’t wing it. Take charge of the things that really move the needle, with conviction.

The timeless advice in this concise 10-pager will inspire you and your management team to really zero in on the six areas that most directly impact Exit success.

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When you and your leadership team are aligned on the things that really matter, you won’t need to rely on a hope and a prayer.
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Here are a few of the many insights you’ll get:
  • How to become CFO-scrutiny-proof long before the scrutiny begins.
  • What is needed to efficiently handle the rigors of the due diligence on autopilot.
  • The one thing almost certain to erode buyer confidence, and your final valuation.
  • How to avoid due-diligence fire drills as each prospective buyer comes along.
  • The three things that must become part of your corporate DNA if you expect to continue growth, while simultaneously looking for a buyer and preparing to exit.
  • Why paying attention to compliance, matters, even if you are not in a regulated industry.
  • The small things you think are “no big deal”, which may be a deal-killer to a buyer.
  • The types of risks, buyers simply don’t want to entertain when acquiring a company.
  • Why having absolute clarity on employee roles and responsibilities is beneficial.
  • The first things a prospective buyer’s finance team will look at, when they evaluate you.


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Andy Thorson

Managing Partner, Carolina Textile Care

At the time of writing, he was the Executive Vice Presidente for Corporate Strategy and Business Development at Veracyte, and before that he was the Corporate Vice President of Business Development at Varian Medical Systems.

‍Thorson is a Senior Executive with 35 years of experience in merchant banking, private equity asesoramiento, medical device/ capital equipo, gerencia financiera, business development, heavy industry and start-ups. He has extensive experience in Asian and European markets. Thorson has an MBA from the Universidad of Chicago and an AB in International Relations from Stanford University.

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