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Security & Availabilty

ShareVault is deployed on a world-class data center, and provides the capabilities to meet or exceed our customers' most demanding security and availability requirements. ShareVault servers are located at world-class data centers, offering comprehensive security and reliability through multiple levels of redundancy. The result is that ShareVault has consistently delivered over 99.99% uptime since we launched in 2006.

Two-Step Verification (Two-Factor Authentication)

ShareVault offers two-step verification (also known as two-factor authentication), which enhances the security of a user's login process by requiring the entry of a secure code which is either delivered by text message to the user's phone, or via the Google Authenticator app (available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry).

Encryption at Rest with Key Management

Files stored on ShareVault are encrypted at rest with AES 256 using key management that prevents access to your files via the ShareVault backend. Encryption keys are stored in a secure virtual appliance owned and administered by a third party. Keys are only accessible via an authenticated session, and are never stored to disk. Because of this, the only way to open files in ShareVault is by using the ShareVault web application.

Customer Managed Encryption Keys

ShareVault also offers customer managed keys (CMK) as an option for ShareVault Pro, providing the ultimate in encryption key management security for applications that demand the highest level of data security, but without the complexity of deploying and maintaining your own HSM (Hardware Security Module).

Encryption in Transit with Extended Validation

All connections to ShareVault servers are via HTTPS over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), providing AES 256 encryption in transit. Our Enhanced Validation (EV) certificate provides assurance that best practices have been followed for domain identity validation.

High Availability

ShareVault servers are high availability, with hot-swappable components. In addition, the data center infrastructure is designed for high reliability, including redundant network connectivity, power systems, cooling systems, routers and cabling

Power systems in our data centers are designed to run uninterrupted even in the unlikely event of a total power outage. All servers are fed with conditioned UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) power that will run if utility power fails. The UPS power subsystem is N+1 redundant with instantaneous failover in case the primary UPS fails. In the event of an extended power outage, on-site diesel generators can run indefinitely. Generators are regularly tested to ensure functionality in the event of an emergency.

Our data centers' HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) systems are N+1 redundant to ensure that - even in the event of an entire HVAC system failure - there is a duplicate system on standby to take over. All air is circulated and filtered every 90 seconds to remove dust and contaminants.

All cables to servers and routing equipment are securely tied down and cable racks suspended from the ceiling provide dual routes for all cables for redundancy.

Geographic Redundancy and Failover

ShareVault data is continuously backed-up to a remote datacenter, so that even in the event of a natural disaster affecting the primary datacenter, we'll be up-and-running without delay, thanks to our rapid failover capabilities.

Datacenter Physical Security

Access to data centers is restricted by two-factor authentication including Biometric hand scanners. Data centers are physically isolated from everyone but level three technicians. Facilities are un-marked and public access is strictly forbidden. All entrances and common areas are monitored 24x7 via closed-circuit cameras

An advanced fire-suppression system is in place to prevent any fire from spreading - in the unlikely event that one could start.

Network Security

ShareVault's network security includes high end Firewalls, intrusion detection and 24/7 managed monitoring services.

Secure Software Development

ShareVault software regularly undergoes third party vulnerability assessments by a leading web application security consultancy, providing both automated vulnerability scanning and systematic manual penetration testing.

† Excluding planned downtime.


At ShareVault, we protect the privacy of your information and abide by the Privacy Shield privacy principles as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, storage, use, transfer and other processing of Consumer Personal Data transferred from the European Economic Area (“EEA”) or Switzerland to the United States. For further information, refer to the ShareVault Privacy Shield Policy and our listing on the U.S. Department of Commerce | EU-U.S. Privacy Shield list.

ShareVault has been approved by Skyhigh Networks as meeting the stringent criteria for the highest rating in its Cloud Trust Program: The Skyhigh Enterprise Ready™. Skyhigh evaluates thousands of cloud services and presents the Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready™ seal to only those services that have the highest CloudTrust™ rating possible. These are among the services that have earned Skyhigh’s CloudTrust™ rating of Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready™ based on their attributes across the data, user and device, security, business, and legal evaluation categories.

ShareVault datacenters are certified SSAE16 Type II SOC1, SOC2 (Security and Availability), and SOC3, ISO 27001:2005