Monitor User Activity

Sharing Analytics

ShareVault gives you more detailed information on user activity than any other solution, providing not only a more precise audit trail, but also more insightful business intelligence into your users’ document review progress.

Audit Trail

The detailed audit trail provides a comprehensive list of each user login, documents published, deleted or renamed as well as documents accessed, including specific pages viewed¹ and the amount of time spent viewing each document¹.

Reports Page

IP Address Tracking

Track IP addresses of your users, with built-in reverse IP lookup to show company and location when available. You'll be the first to know if one of your users shares their login credentials with someone else in another location.

Interactive Reports

Configure informative reports in seconds with built-in queries, filters and drilldowns. Print or Save your favorite report configurations and/or export to excel for further analysis.

Flexible & Powerful Reporting Tools

Including a heat map display clearly shows using color-coding to indicate who's been the most active.

¹Not included with ShareVault Express subscriptions

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