Preparing Your Company for M&A
When it’s time to exit your business, being prepared, and having a well-planned exit strategy can make the difference between a good transaction and a great one.

Exiting your business is just as important as how you started it, and planning is essential. Your goal is to maximize the value of your company, make a smooth and profitable exit, and minimize the time it takes to do so.

Being prepared for an exit well in advance of the M&A process shows interested parties that you’re in control of your business, that you’re goal-focused, and that from the very beginning you’ve had a plan for an organized and smooth integration.

Being prepared for the M&A process also significantly increases the efficiency and speed in which the transaction can take place and plays a huge part in its success.

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Company team

Richard Andersen

Founder and CEO of

Richard Andersen is the CEO of Pandesa Corporation, which develops andmarkets ShareVault, the next-generation virtual data room for secure online sharing of sensitive documents during the due diligence process. Learn More

Company team

Michael Bates

former CFO, St. Francis Medical Technologies

Over a twelve year span, Mr. Bates wasCFO of four companies that were sold – Penederm Inc. (public), Collagen Aesthetics (public), Silicon Genetics (private) and St. Francis Medical Technologies, Inc. (private). He lived through the transition from physical data rooms to today's state of the art virtual data rooms.  Learn More

Company team

Brian Moriarty

Principal, Song Hill Capital

Brian’s group provides and coordinates HR services for M&A and outsourcing activities, with the goal of tailoring their integration approaches to best meet business objectives and thereby maximize customer satisfaction. Brian brings to the HR function extensive experience in M&A transactions, having closed more than 50 M&A deals constituting a transactional volume of more than $25 billion.  Learn More