CEO Insights from the front-lines of funding, growing and exiting biopharma startups.

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From Founding to Exit

Learn from three biopharma CEOs what they know about moving Life Science companies from funded to exit.

In this web panel transcript (30 minute read), learn how three serial entrepreneurs handle common roadblocks, surprise opportunities and pitfalls to successfully fund, grow and exit their companies.  

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Here are a few of the many insights you'll get:
  • The surprisingly often ignored social element, that will make your life a living hell, if it is absent
  • The right time to look in the mirror and make a go or no-go decision about moving forward with the science.
  • 9 out of 10 drug discoveries never make it. How to avoid losing time on a discovery that wont fly? Page 2.
  • Why you can't rely on market research reports, and what you must do to build a credible market model.
  • Why it is so important for most companies to have some sources of non-diluted funding in the early days.
  • What having just the right investor in the early stages means for your credibilty and perceived value.
  • The dangers of being too focused and too quick to dismiss distracting ideas from outside of your discipline.
  • Worried about the FDA? Don't be. There is a right way to approach the FDA to maximise success.
  • What to expect from a prospective partner's due diligence team, and why you should prepare for it.
  • Do's and don't for managing investors and board members and their differing expectations.


Caroline Hoedemaker, MBA PE, Founder and Investor

tTAp a Life Science Accelerator

Wendy Perrow, MBA, CEO

AsclepiX Therapeutics (Panelist)

Robert Alonso, Founder & CEO

Mitochon (Panelist)

Richard Hughen, CEO

Cellth Systems (Panelist)