Secure File Sharing
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Secure File Sharing for Law Firms

Why Legal Teams Choose ShareVault to Share Confidential Documents

There may be no profession with a greater need for sharing large volumes of information both efficiently and securely than in the document-centric legal world. Plus, they must share huge volumes of documents both quickly and with meticulous attention to security. Any successful legal process—for the corporate legal department and private law firm alike—depends on the ability to effectively and securely manage critical information exchange between multiple parties so that you can Focus On Your Case and Matters. Not On Software.

Below we've provided recommendations for selecting the ideal solution for litigation support and other ways legal teams share confidential documents, which of course, we believe is ShareVault.

Focus On Your Case and Matters. Not On Software.

Prepare quickly for a legal case.

Your document sharing solution should make it easy to upload and organize documents, invite users, and set permissions and policies. Look for drag-and-drop user/group management, in-browser drag-and-drop uploading capabilities, and automated PDF conversion.


Easily and Securely Organize and Find Documents

Organize document so it's simple to find what you're looking for.

Make sure to choose a system that organizes your legal documents in a structured hierarchy so they are easy to manage, search, review and share. We highly recommend that you are able to "tag" files and folders in order to eliminate the need to house files in multiple locations, pay for additional pages in replicated documents or combine document access statistics for multiple instances of the same file.

Also, an indexed full-text search feature is essential for quickly finding documents that relate to relevant key words. Choose a solution that ranks these search results for relevance as well as provides in-place document synopses and zoomable first page thumbnails for each search result.


Organize Legal Documents Easily

Both upload and open large documents quickly.

Make sure the solution provides PDF streaming, so that documents open to the first page instantly, even if they contain thousands of pages. This keeps the document review process moving quickly and prevents the user from getting bogged down waiting for large documents to load.


Open Large Documents Easily

Conveniently integrate with DocuSign within your secure ShareVault.

It is very helpful to choose a solution that enables you to send documents out for signatures using DocuSign, without requiring that those documents leave the secure location within the secure business file sharing solution. You should be able to take advantage of all of the powerful DocuSign features right within your file sharing solution. These include email alerts, signature placements, form fields, template design, and the eSignature workflow flexibility.


DocuSign Integration for Securing Documents Requiring Signatures

Employ digital rights management in order to revoke access.

When documents are uploaded to the secure document sharing solution, it is very important that they are automatically converted to an encrypted PDF format, allowing them to be protected by Digital Rights Management. This provides you with the ability to revoke access to any document at any time, even if the document has been downloaded. You should also have the ability to apply additional security attributes, including inhibiting document download, preventing printing, applying secure dynamic watermarks, identifying the user, and blocking screenshots.


Digital Rights Management for Remote Shredding

Track user activity, including which pages were viewed and for how long.

Make sure you select a solution that has powerful reporting capabilities. These should allow administrators to track all user activity, including who viewed documents and how long they viewed particular pages. This comprehensive audit trail can provide valuable information regarding users' areas of interest and concern as well as maintaining compliance transparency.


Track Page-Level User Activity

Allow users to submit questions and view answers within the secure viewer.

Your end users should be able to ask private questions about your documents and then have the question routed to Q&A Moderators who will be notified whenever your users ask questions. Moderators should be able to forward questions to appropriate subject matter experts, and then approve or reject the response before replying to the end user. The moderator(s) should be able to decide to share questions and answers with other users as desired.


Secure Questions and Answers

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