Research & Development

Secure Document Sharing for R&D Collaboration

Today, more than ever, bringing a product or service to market has become an increasingly collaborative process often integrating multiple organizations' knowledge bases in order to achieve desired results. This more collaborative environment puts added stress on protecting valuable intellectual property, because today's information assurance has shifted from just keeping people out; it now has more to do with letting people in—the right people, at the right time, to the right resources—without compromising information integrity.

ShareVault™ provides a state-of-the-art cloud-based document repository allowing sensitive intellectual property to be accessed by manufacturers, consultants, contract research organizations (CROs), counsel and other third-party collaborators involved in the R&D process while providing bank-grade security and customizable access that is completely auditable.

More and more organizations today are finding that sharing information in the cloud increases innovation, reduces costs and product life cycles and aids in globalization. It also means that not only is critical information secure, it's well-organized and searchable, reducing the time it takes for participants to find what they need and do what they need to do with it, at anytime, from anywhere. Sharing information in a well-organized, intuitive cloud-based document repository streamlines the collaborative process, simplifies project management and provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing that an organization's intellectual property is secure, no matter who is accessing it.

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