Corporate Repository
and Board Portal

Secure Sharing of Corporate Content

Many organizations leverage ShareVault as a cloud-based corporate content repository that enables secure, organized, and auditable content sharing with anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Whether sharing with outside consultants, advisors, auditors, investors or other business collaborators, ShareVault facilitates efficient collaboration.

As a board portal, ShareVault provides an easy-to-use structured and secure framework for sharing board materials with board members.

Advanced Reporting for Compliance

Today, organizations are finding that an increase in both volume and complexity of compliance standards, coupled with a surge of regulatory action is presenting challenges across the whole organization. This new dynamic highlights the need for an organized corporate document repository with powerful reporting tools, ensuring transparency, reducing the stress of a regulatory review, and being prepared for an audit long before it happens.

With powerful and dynamic reporting functionality, ShareVault is a critical tool for demonstrating to auditors which users have access to sensitive corporate information and what they've done with it. It includes powerful page-level tracking, allowing organizations to monitor when sensitive documents were accessed, who accessed them and for how long, even recording the IP address of the user.

Too often, organizations forget that busy people working in challenging times can sometimes leave compliance issues unattended. But when processes and systems are set up to address compliance requirements problems can be prevented, detected or corrected long before they're allowed to spin out of control into potential crisis. ShareVault provides a powerful tool for both preventing compliance issues from occurring and providing comprehensive auditability when they do.