The best thing about being on a panel, is you have no prep work to do. If you know your field inside out, you can deliver a great deal of value with your personal insights, tips and examples.

Our panel discussions usually last 45 mins. They focus on best practices and common pitfalls when dealing with potential partners, investors, M&A transactions and other sensitive business dealings involving 3rd parties.

Check out the upcoming events that still have spots available. If you’d like to participate in one of them, tell us why and pose a good question you already have insightful answers to:



Title Overview When Lineup Seeking
Writing the perfect Terms Sheet? What should be in the terms sheet, what to include, exclude, what objections to anticipate. April 20 1 Panelist 1 Moderator
You secured funding. Now what? Are you ready for what after a major capital injection occurs. May 18 1 Panelist 1 Investor panelist
1 Banker panelist
How to choose an investment banker and the winning team for your Fundraising initiative How to choose an investment banker and the winning team for your Fundraising initiative, what does the dream team look like and how do you know you have it. TBD Webinar speaker and 2 panelists 1 investment banker panelist
Crowdfunding (microfinancing) landscape 2023 and misconceptions Are any for you? of the options right for you? What different types of crowdfunding models exist what are the myths and misconceptions. How to match your business to the right model. Jun 14 Webinar speaker
1 Banker
1 investment firm
1 PE firm to counter balance