ShareVault Software Update - New Expiration Date Feature

04 April, 2016

Los Gatos, CA - ShareVault now has a policy expiration feature, which enables you to configure a policy that automatically removes access to documents assigned to the policy at a specified date and time.

expiration.pngUsing the new feature couldn't be easier. Just create a new policy with the desired security attributes, check the "expiration" checkbox and set the date/time that you want access to expire. Apply the policy to tags (folders) and/or documents as desired. At the specified date/time, access rights to the content associated with the policy will be revoked for the appropriate users and/or groups. To extend the expiration date, just click the date before it expires and pick a later expiration date/time.

The software update has been automatically applied to all ShareVaults, so there's nothing that existing users need to do to take advantage of the new functionality.