ShareVault Software Update - Improved Documents Page

18 February, 2016

Los Gatos, CA - ShareVault will be updated this Sunday, February 21st, with major Improvements to the Documents Page.

software-update.jpgThe new update will be live on ShareVault on Monday morning, and there's nothing that you need to do to take advantage of the new enhancements.

We've done a substantial rewrite of the documents page to provide the following improvements: 

  1.  Our unique infinite scrolling capability has been updated for even smoother scrolling of the file list.
  2. For very large ShareVaults with many tags, the speed of many operations has significantly improved due to major optimization work and by avoiding page refreshes.
  3. Keyboard shortcuts for tag editing to make it even easier to manage your tag structure.
  4. Clearer handling and display of document-level permission overrides, making it easier to manage overrides.
  5. The duplicate tag feature has been updated to allow for a duplicated tag to retain its file associations.
  6. The “Edit Tags” mode has been removed—instead tags can be directly edited at any time without needing to enter a special mode. This allows for even more of a WYSIWYG tag editing experience.
  7. Enhanced tag counting – the document count for documents tagged at the level of a parent tag are shown separately (in parenthesis) from the count of documents tagged by the parent tag and its subtags.
  8. Ability to select documents tagged at the level of a parent tag without selecting the documents at the level of that tag’s subtags.
  9. Ability to hide the published date.
  10. Simplified tag selection: Previously, a tag was checked ( ☑ ) to filter the file list to show only files tagged with the tag, and a tag was selected (click to turn the tag gray) in order to adjust that tag’s properties. Now, clicking on a tag does both—this is easier to understand because there’s only one kind of tag selection. This makes tag selection even simpler, more intuitive and easier to understand.