ShareVault Launches Next Generation Virtual Data Room Technology

27 September, 2011

Los Gatos, Calif. - September 27, 2011 ShareVault, a leading provider of secure document sharing services, today announced it has launched the next generation of its secure, intuitive virtual data room cloud service giving customers unparalleled ease of use and enterprise-grade control and security.

Secure document sharing is a critical piece of our due diligence process whereby our staff and external parties are provided controlled access, along with audit reporting and tracking, of information without regard to geographical limitations,” said Greg Berkin, Executive Director of Information Technology at Regado Biosciences. “ShareVault’s latest offering incorporates some of our feedback including a very intuitive user interface and increased tagging capabilities that are important to our users and our business.”

“The new features in the latest version of ShareVault simplify and further enhance the ability to structure and customize access to large amounts information within ShareVault to fulfill the needs of various stakeholders,” said Ulrika Wennberg, COO of Pergamum AB.

The next generation ShareVault secure document sharing solution features a plethora of new features that enable customers in the financial services, real estate, biotech,cleantech and legal industries to share sensitive documents and transact in an easy-to-use, enterprise-grade, secure environment.

The virtual data room market is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 29% and is expected to reach nearly $1 billion in revenues by 2013 according to leading industry analyst firm Forrester Research, Inc., an independent research firm.

“In spite of some lingering global economic uncertainties, M&A activity is on the rise for the first time since 2006,” said Richard Andersen, CEO of ShareVault. “Our next generation secure document sharing software service is the easiest way for companies to facilitate their transactions. The new features we’ve added to our cloud offering are not only for M&A activity, but the new capabilities make it easier for any company to securely share all of their sensitive documents privately, from managing real estate investment trusts (REITs) to partnering and business development in the biotechnology and clean tech industries.”

Hierarchical Tags – New in version 3.0, ShareVault’s patent-pending approach to hierarchical tagging with permissions combines the ease-of-use and flexibility of tags with the hierarchical structure and permissioning previously only available with folders. Competing solutions are based on folders, with only limited support, if any, for tagging. Hierarchical tagging provides for additional flexibility that is invaluable for multi-party due diligence applications because the same document can reside in multiple places within the hierarchical due diligence list.

Ease of use that counts – Built from the ground up with the user in mind, ShareVault 3.0 has a highly intuitive and sleek interface which enables users to get up and running in as little as 4 clicks of a mouse versus 20-50 clicks with other leading solutions.

Security that matters - ShareVault employs unparalleled security with encryption for data on the server and for data in motion. Document security policies allow the administrator to configure document security settings to block printing, prevent saving (view only), and inhibit screenshots. A user’s permission to open any file can be revoked at any time, even retroactively, for files already downloaded.

Unrivaled Speed – Virtual data room users want their documents at the speed of thought. ShareVault unique technology delivers pages from very large files in seconds without having to break the files down into smaller pieces.

Enterprise-Level Control – The ShareVault administrative console turns chaos into control with drag-and-drop user/group management and point-and-click permissioning.

Document Sharing Cloud – Just throw documents at us in virtually any format and ShareVault automatically full text indexes, converts them to PDFs with thumbnails, encrypts them, applies dynamic watermarks, prepares them for streaming, tags them and stores them.