ShareVault Introduces ShareVault For SharePoint®

12 March, 2013

Los Gatos, Calif. – March 12, 2013 - ShareVault, the leader in secure document sharing, announced today the launch of ShareVault for SharePoint. While Microsoft SharePoint is commonly used to provide a collaborative work environment within an organization to improve internal efficiencies, when confidential documents need to be shared with external parties, SharePoint’s ability to organize, protect, selectively share and track these documents is limited. SharePoint access by outside parties can also be technically challenging due to firewalls or complexities of VPN and FTP.

ShareVault for SharePoint boosts your SharePoint-based, internal, collaborative environment to enhance sharing with the outside world. It allows your SharePoint content to be shared with external parties while keeping the information totally secure and requires no software download to your SharePoint environment.

Easily upload file structures and documents directly from SharePoint to ShareVault, invite external parties to view documents within ShareVault and use automatic sync to keep all of your files current.

ShareVault CEO Richard Andersen said, “Although SharePoint is great for internal sharing, there are various challenges associated with sharing files externally. That’s where we come in. ShareVault for SharePoint allows users to share confidential files without compromising security while simultaneously avoiding the complexities associated with granting SharePoint access to outside users. A traditional solution includes hiring a team of consultants to develop or integrate a costly extranet. Our approach is very different. Within a matter of minutes, we deliver our customers a fully-functioning and elegant, external SharePoint sharing solution with complete tracking and digital rights management for shared information.”

“ShareVault for SharePoint includes a powerful sync engine that requires no software to be installed on your SharePoint servers.” said ShareVault Vice President of Product Management John Badger. “SharePoint users will be impressed with ShareVault’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface.”


  • Avoidance of common access challenges associated with using VPN, FTP, and Active Directory
  • Automatic sync from SharePoint
  • Nothing to install within your SharePoint environment
  • Track detailed document use and activity
  • Aggregate documents from multiple SharePoint sites
  • No need to invite external parties into SharePoint
  • Digital rights management
  • Automated conversion to secure PDF