ShareVault Custom Watermarking Differentiator

26 July, 2012

ShareVault policies can be configured to automatically apply a customized watermark to pages within a document in the vault. Because the watermarks can be enabled to contain information identifying the user, it can serve as a strong deterrent to distributing printed documents.

Watermark Features

Our watermarks are designed to provide a high level of security while not interfering with the readability of the underlying text. They appear differently depending on whether the document is printable or blocked from printing. A non-printable document uses a translucent watermark that users can see through, like this:


Unfortunately, printers are slowed down significantly when translucency is used in watermarks. In fact it can take 10x longer to print a document with translucent watermarks. For this reason, documents that are printable use a “stitched outline” watermark style, like this:


Why is the color blue used?  Giving the watermark a different color than black or grey helps improve readability while preserving a high degree of contrast. If the document is printed in color, the blue color will appear darker because copiers, faxes and other document scanners based on CCD technology are less sensitive to blue colors. The high contrast makes it difficult to remove the watermarks by “tweaking” the contrast settings on a copier.

Admins can easily configure watermarking settings for their ShareVault users. Dynamic text in watermarks to show identifiable information, including email and IP address for each user.