New Batch Print Feature Merges Files to Accelerate Secure Printing of Multiple Documents

07 July, 2015

Los Gatos, Calif. - On June 7th, 2015, ShareVault introduced a powerful new feature to allow ShareVault users to batch print selected documents as a merged, organized document.

This easy-to-use feature works as follows:

  • When a user selects multiple documents that allow printing, a printer icon is displayed at the top of the file list if the user has the right to print the selected documents
  • Clicking the printer icon will display the dialog box below so the user can choose to include a table of contents, page numbers and/or separator pages
  • A merged document, complete with optional table of contents, page numbers and separator pages is generated and sent to the ShareVault Reader app
  • Since the file is printed using ShareVault Reader, users are blocked from printing to a file, such as PDF or Tiff, so you can allow printing without losing control of the electronic version of the documents.


The batch print feature is important for many applications including due diligence, particularly by lawyers who frequently want to print out documents for review. The ease and simplicity of the batch print feature helps to further accelerate the speed of due diligence.

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