Deloitte Recap Enters Alliance with Sharevault to Market Virtual Data Room

01 July, 2013

San Francisco, Calif. - January 7, 2013 — Deloitte Recap LLC (Deloitte Recap) and ShareVault have entered into a strategic alliance to help biopharmaceutical companies complete deals faster, prepare earlier for deal making and improve their ability to find the right partners.

Deloitte Recap will market ShareVault’s virtual data room to pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms pursuing mergers, acquisitions, licensing agreements and other transactions. Deloitte Recap provides the benchmark data and analysis that can help companies optimize such transactions. Combined with ShareVault’s data room solutions, Deloitte Recap can help companies become more proactive in their business development efforts.

Based in Los Gatos, Calif., ShareVault provides a cloud-based, bank-grade security data room to help companies control access to confidential documents related to corporate development, as well as capture more data and insight around potential business development opportunities.

The alliance broadens Deloitte Recap’s ability to assist life sciences companies in exploring and consummating deals. Deloitte Recap helps organizations with asset valuation, identifying potential suitors and determining the best type of transaction, among other services.

“This alliance gives us an even more complete toolkit in helping life sciences companies to be persistently deal ready,” said Eric Walczykowski, general manager, Deloitte Recap. “Successful transactions often depend on how quickly and how thoroughly companies can respond to an opportunity.”

“In today’s market, it’s critical for biopharma companies to be proactive in their strategic planning for partnerships,” said Richard Andersen, chief executive officer, ShareVault. “Together, ShareVault and Recap’s capabilities can help companies accelerate the deal process, optimize deal terms, and more effectively pursue a partner relationship.”