3 Takeaways from InterGrowth 2019

20 May, 2019

3 Takeaways from InterGrowth 2019

As the innovation leader in modern, clean and secure document repositories for sharing of sensitive materials, our dedicated team is focused on listening to our customers needs and continuously iterating in an effort to deliver a seamless experience with the security, reliability and worldwide availability to satisfy regulators, investors and stakeholders.

Below are a few critical attributes we’ve synthesized from dealmakers and professionals such as yourself who sat down with us at InterGrowth.

Takeaway #1

User Experience - When a new document is uploaded, users can not see what folder the document has been allocated to. It becomes time-consuming and frustrating to hunt and peck for documents.

The ShareVault Advantage: We make it simple for the appropriate users to see when new documents have been uploaded and allocated to folders. Additionally our powerful “smart filters” drill down on recent uploads and other important variables. Since everyone has different workflows and perspectives, we have multiple pathways to quickly and easily navigate document indexes.

Takeaway #2

Information Rights Management - Provisioning users and groups is clunky and difficult to manage. It's complicated to apply security attributes to folders and documents and ensure the appropriate internal or external counterparties have access to the appropriate information. This complexity can lead to costly mistakes should a team member, sponsor, regulator or other party gain access to the wrong materials. Moreover, it can be frustrating when a team member who should have access to specific materials is locked out, restricted or impeded from completing their work while under a tight deadline. 

The ShareVault Advantage: While it’s always imperative to double (and triple) check to ensure users and groups are properly configured, we proactively guide our clients to ensure they get it right the first time. Moreover, we recently released a new look and feel to our users and groups page to simplify Information Rights Management. Admins have the flexibility to assign users to multiple groups and assign customized security attributes, permissions and privacy settings to oversee IRM at a granular level. Moreover, IRM policies may be populated into multiple projects in parallel.

Takeaway #3

Information Bottlenecks - Often times clients "back-in" to Box, DropBox, SharePoint, Office 365, DocuSign or other collaboration tools to cobble together a Data Room. While these platforms do yield cost efficiencies, they were never meant to support a proper Data Room application. Security is always the critical concern, as data breaches and email hacks cost corporations billions of dollars every year - 31% of organizations have experienced cyber attacks on operational infrastructure. Cyber attacks and information leaks clearly have a serious adverse effect on corporate reputations, value creation, revenue and growth - Yahoo's acquisition by Verizon saw a 350M reduction in the purchase price.

The ShareVault Advantage: If doing the right thing isn’t easy to adopt, it takes an adverse event to change the status quo and evangelize due diligence best practices. Our platform seamlessly integrates with popular document collaboration and execution tools to centrally manage and share critical materials in a centralized and secure repository.

If you are currently struggling with any one of the pain points listed above, please pop a note in the comment section below or reach out to learn how we can partner to help. 

We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback from InterGrowth 2019.