Fierce Biotech Reports On Surge In Big Pharma Venture Investments In Biotech

26 August, 2014

Fierce Biotech's John Carroll reports on a new analyst report from Silicon Valley Bank, describing the ongoing trend of Big Pharma outsourcing its R&D to Biotechs through corporate venture investments.

In its analysis, Silicon Valley Bank concludes that the early-stage investment gamble now amounts to a strategic move by the top Big Pharma companies to outsource a considerable portion of their early-stage R&D work, priming the cash pump directly through their own venture arms as well as by investing in many of the new venture funds filling up with risk capital. And the change-up is likely to continue to drive partnering as well as Big Pharma forges a new round of development pacts and M&A deals with their venture colleagues involved in biotech.

Top Corporate Investors In Biopharma

ShareVault has been enjoying increases in both partnering and M&A deals, which are both important drivers for our continued growth. The article also emphasizes the importance of oncology drugs...

Not surprisingly, experimental cancer drugs are attracting the bulk of Big Pharma's attention and corporate cash.

... Which is why ShareVault has decided to Partner with BIO (Biotechnology Industry Organization) to organize a live web panel, chaired by Linda Pullan, on what's hot in Oncology partnering. Stay tuned for our full announcement later this week of this exciting web panel!