Best Practices for Technology Transfer

26 March, 2015

Universities, hospitals and research institutes conduct research that generates groundbreaking inventions that not only save lives, but also improve the way people live, work and play on a daily basis. Technology transfer is the process of getting these ideas out of the lab and classroom and into the market. Technology transfer offices facilitate the transfer of these discoveries to companies that can in turn develop them into products and services that benefit society.

University2During this process, technology transfer offices at universities and research institutes are challenged with providing all of the documentation and information needed for potential licensees to evaluate a technology, without losing control of the underlying intellectual property or violating open records regulations. More and more technology transfer offices across the globe are finding that a secure virtual data room is the ideal platform for managing and protecting the technology transfer process.

ShareVault offers a secure document repository that is ideally suited for sharing documentation for licensing innovations in the life sciences, physical sciences, information sciences and engineering disciplines. ShareVault’s virtual data room helps:

  • Assure your PIs (principal investigators) that you are using the best available solution to protect intellectual property, with sophisticated, yet easy-to-use document control technology.
  • Cast a broader net to court multiple global partners.
  • Present and organize your documents professionally in a hierarchical structure, fully searchable and tagged for efficient review.
  • Stage the disclosure of intellectual property by moving potential licensees through progressive unveiling of information and more permissive access rights as your licensing deals progress.
  • Monitor activity of your users — who has seen each document? Which pages? When? For how long? Even when the intellectual property is patented, it can still be important to monitor your potential licensees' activity to determine the degree of interest and focus.
  • Expedite the handling of questions by using the ShareVault's powerful and easy-to-use Q&A feature
  • Accelerate the due diligence process by enabling potential licensees to review documents more quickly.

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