7 Reasons Life Sciences Organizations Choose ShareVault

03 May, 2018


ShareVault is the industry leader in supplying intuitive and innovative virtual data rooms that provide a simple and secure way to share sensitive documents with third parties during due diligence, partnering, licensing and other critical business processes.

Our on-demand platform is a full-featured cloud-computing solution that enables our customers to manage critical time-sensitive and document-centric processes faster and more intuitively. ShareVault offers the highest degree of security and reliability combined with unparalleled speed, ease of use and functionality. Backed by the experience of billions of dollars in successful deal transactions, along with industry-leading customer support, ShareVault can be a critical tool in accelerating deal transaction times and increasing deal success rates.

#1 ShareVault is built from the ground up for the unique needs of the life sciences industry.

ShareVault is the only virtual data room provider with features designed specifically for the life sciences industry and its unique regulatory requirements. ShareVault’s platform supports eCTD regulatory submissions, electronic Trial Master Files (eTMFs), SAS data files and clinical study reports. ShareVault is the only virtual data room that preserves inter-document hyperlinks so you can upload documents with working links. Our integrated eCTD viewer further streamlines and expedites buyer/investor review of regulatory submissions such as INDs or NDAs.

hyperlink#2 ShareVault’s intuitive interface expedites transaction timelines.

Did you know that the longer a deal drags on the greater the chance that there will be negative price adjustments or that the other party will walk away? Expediting the due diligence process can be a critical factor for deal success and maximum valuation. ShareVault’s many features, such as drag-and-drop publishing, batch upload and automatic tagging features were designed to reduce clicking and streamline the due diligence process.

#3 ShareVault eliminates document silos.

Having due diligence documents in one central repository doesn’t just make good business sense, it’s what expected. Buyers, investors and licensors expect due diligence documents to be housed in a secure online repository that is organized and easily searchable. ShareVault’s unique tag feature enables single documents to reside in multiple locations saving time and expediting document review. ShareVault’s powerful permissioning feature also makes it easy to set document permissions for both groups and individual users. That means that only the individuals that need to see specific documents get to see those documents.

#4 ShareVault provides useful deal intelligence.

deal intelligenceShareVault’s powerful reporting tools track the user’s journey within the data room providing insightful deal intelligence. Our detailed audit trail provides a comprehensive list of each user login, documents published, deleted or renamed, as well as documents accessed, including the amount of time spent viewing each document, even down to a page-level basis. This type of insight can be a powerful tool for understanding a user’s interests and concerns allowing you to be proactive in addressing them.

#5 ShareVault is endorsed by the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) and 40+ regional BIO affiliates.

bio-logo-2The Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) is the international trade association for the biotechnology industry. BIO represents more than 1,100 biotechnology companies, academic institutions, state biotechnology centers and related organizations across the United States and in more than 30 other nations.

#6 ShareVault is connected with the file sharing platforms you already use.

ShareVault is the most connected data room available. No other data room offers so many ways to connect with the tools you already use. Our easy-to-use connectors for Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Box and Dropbox include a powerful sync engine, so your ShareVault content is always kept up to date. It’s also simple to add eSignature workflows directly from within ShareVault using our DocuSign connector.

#7 ShareVault is integrated with your existing ecosystem.

ShareVault’s Single Sign-On (SSO) capability provides single click access to ShareVault from within your existing secure web application. Your users log in to your web application, and without logging in separately to ShareVault, they can launch ShareVault with just a click. ShareVault also offers a flexible, secure web services API that allows you to programmatically create, configure and control your ShareVault. The SOAP API is comprehensive, providing for over 30 APIs so you can deeply integrate ShareVault into your business workflows. For an even more seamless user experience your web developer can embed the ShareVault login widget so your users can log in to your ShareVault right from yourmwebsite, instead of using the ShareVault login page.

To learn more about how ShareVault is ideally suited for life sciences partnering, licensing and fundraising, visit www.ShareVault.com