Secure File Sharing Solutions from ShareVault

ShareVault is the secure, controlled way to share and store documents. Our cloud-based platform features an easy-to-use interface with advanced security controls that enables fully protected collaboration for the borderless enterprise.

Many business users who need to share files are turning to out-of-the-box, cloud-based document sharing solutions. These are simple, fast and nimble, but were designed for personal use, without regard for business security concerns. Others are using traditional Virtual Data Rooms, which are more secure, but tend to be clunky, hard to deploy and difficult to use. With ShareVault, you get the best of both worlds - a simple, easy-to-use platform that encompasses the highest security controls and features on the market.

Secure your valuable information without slowing down document access

ShareVault automatically converts your documents to an encrypted PDF format that provides the industry standard document viewing experience, including continuous scrolling and high-speed rendering. Some competing VDRs, because they are based on the dated TIFF document standard, will slow down document review due to sluggish page rendering, lack of continuous scrolling and inability to view more than one page at a time. The PDF encryption used by ShareVault allows you to revoke access to any document at any time, even if the document has already been downloaded. Sharevault also provides you with the ability to apply additional security attributes, including inhibiting preventing document download, prohibiting preventing printing, applying secure dynamic watermarks, identifying the user, and blocking screenshots.

Find documents quickly through indexed full-text search

Your users will be able to instantly find documents that relate to relevant key words. Only ShareVault provides relevance ranking, in-place document synopses and zoomable first page thumbnails for each search result, so users can quickly and easily isolate the documents that contain the information sought. With its powerful search capabilities, ShareVault helps prospective investors quickly answer the questions they have about your company, compressing the timeframe of the document review phase.