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Life Sciences

Each of the major life sciences business areas — pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices and clinical research — are extremely capital intensive. The volatility resulting from constant innovation, uncertain outcome of clinical trials and a changing regulatory environment create an environment of both risk and opportunity. To thrive in this challenging climate, life science companies need to be equipped with the best tools for facilitating growth during fundraising, R&D, clinical trials and finally, establishing effective alliances. Each of these activities requires thorough due diligence during which intellectual property must be shared efficiently with third parties and at the same time kept secure. The virtual data room (VDR) is the modern-day tool for addressing these challenges. The right virtual data room can save time, minimize risk and increase the likelihood of completing successful transactions.

ShareVault provides a secure document sharing solution for life sciences organizations, ideally suited for due diligence required during bio-pharma partnering/business development, technology licensing, fundraising, M&A, clinical study management or any other application that requires secure sharing of documents with third parties. More and more, the leading pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, biotech companies, medical device firms and CROs rely on ShareVault to safeguard their critical information, to reduce due diligence costs and streamline third-party document collaboration.

ShareVault provides companies of all kinds collaborative solutions for all the complexities of the life sciences industry.

Partnering & Business Development

You've spent millions on developing your drug or device, and even more on getting through to later-phase clinical trials, so now that itís time to bring it to market through partnering, be sure that you choose a data room that can accelerate the due diligence process while keeping your intellectual property secure. A good virtual data room can help you to cast a broader net so that you can court multiple worldwide partners, while keeping detailed tracking information as your potential partners review your clinical trial information, research data and other critical documents. Once you have struck a deal with your definitive partner(s), you can retroactively revoke access even to the documents already downloaded.


Whether youíre involved in in-licensing or out-licensing copyrights, trademarks, technical know-how, patented inventions, software, or any other technology, you will need to share documents for due diligence. The potential licensee(s) will need to conduct extensive due diligence in order to fully understand the risks and rewards of the potential licensing deal, and the licensor needs to be assured that the due diligence documents remain secure. Distributing the materials using email, CDs/DVDs, FTP sites or general purpose file sharing sites do not provide the needed functionality, so a virtual data room is required. Choosing the right virtual data room can significantly accelerate the licensing due diligence phase.


Raising capital for your organization always requires due diligence document review so that investors can understand the risk and rewards associated with their decision to invest. The right virtual data room can help streamline this process, while keeping documents ranging from financial forecasts to FDA submissions (eCTD documents and structures, for example, can be replicated and cross-linked within ShareVault) secure. ShareVault is ideally suited for presenting investor documents for due diligence, providing significant advantages when compared to distributing investor materials by more archaic means such as email, CDs/DVDs, or FTP/file-sharing sites.


As funding for the research and development of new drugs becomes increasingly scarce Biotech firms have to adapt by doing more with the funding that is available and by working from the earliest stages of development to demonstrate the potential value of their products to CROís, CMOís, regulatory advisors and other development partners. Being prepared by having all relevant documents organized in a secure, cloud-based repository is the best practice for ensuring success.

Clinical Trials

Every day the clinical trials phase of drug development becomes more complex, more costly and more time consuming. Studies have shown that the average number of procedures involved in a clinical trial has grown by almost 50 percent over just a few years ago. Coupled with this is a much more rigorous eligibility criterion resulting in lower patient enrollment. This heightened complexity and rigor in the clinical studies phase of drug development highlights the need for a well-organized, intuitive data repository that not only streamlines the process, but significantly drives down costs.

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Life Sciences Customer Testimonials

"The new features in the latest version of ShareVault simplify and further enhance the ability to structure and customize access to large amounts information within ShareVault to fulfill the needs of various stakeholders."

Ulrika Wennberg, COO
Pergamum AB

"A pharmaceutical company's greatest asset is its data. It serves as the foundation for all of our partnering and fund raising efforts. Real-time access to key data from clinical trials and other research greatly facilitates the due diligence process, ShareVault gives us the ability to move fast and share information, without fearing security risks. With this capability, we're able to conduct deals faster while casting a broader net to get more potential partners".

Nigel Ray, Vice President of Business Development
Limerick BioPharma

"ShareVault's focus on speed helps us accelerate the due diligence process. Some of our clinical trial results documents contain thousands of pages, yet our users can open them instantly from ShareVault."

Mark Varney, CEO
Cortex Pharmaceuticals