BIO Member Free Trial Registration

Thank you for considering a ShareVault free trial.  So you can personally experience the differences between ShareVault and the common file sharing services, we encourage you to complete the form below.  Along with bank-grade security, if you’re sharing confidential documents outside your organization, you’ll personally be able to test out:

  • Keeping control of documents by blocking users from printing, copying and saving them
  • Being able to add a dynamic watermark that identifies the person who opened the document
  • Being able to retract access to documents that you previously allowed a user to download
  • Monitoring of document activity including how long documents were viewed and which pages were viewed
  • ShareVault’s intuitiveness and even our “relentless” Customer Support

Any work you do during the trial will stay intact in the same ShareVault if you decide to move forward with a subscription agreement.

If you are already familiar with a secure document sharing platform or virtual data room (VDR), ShareVault’s ease of use will stand out in comparison to other VDR’s.  That’s one of the many factors that went into BIO’s decision to choose ShareVault for their Business Solutions program.  To date, 17 BIO regional affiliates have made the same choice and others are planning to.